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The Rookie (9)

Are you new to the game?  Do not fear! 

We’ve created the ultimate starter kit for individuals who have never played with lingerie.  This collection is perfect for the woman that likes to stick her toe in the water before she dives in.  Wear this t-shirt bra with a little bit of lace along the trim that we know you will love.  Turn your everyday panties to ultra-sexy bottoms that are as cozy as they are hot!  This loungewear are the perfect options for a new lingerie lover. Take a swing at your best self in our premiere lingerie rookie kit.

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so fine w/lace low back bodysuit
delice push-up w/racer back
nufit boxers
may the softest brief
nufit plunge
($104.00 + Tax)
nufit plunge
($102.00 + Tax)
delice push up with racerback
may the layering cami
nufit boxers
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