5 steps for how to feel sexier every day

5 steps for how to feel sexier every day

Don't waste time feeling bad about yourself. Be kind to yourself and do something that makes you feel good every day. Self-love is vital to a happy and successful life. Why starve yourself of that? Some of us take care of everyone else first and ourselves, last. That way of life is exhausting and wears away at your ability to love, perform at work, and enjoy your life.

We suggest making little changes to your daily routine starting now! These changes put the focus on YOU and how YOU feel:


1. Add a lace robe to your morning routine.

Mornings aren’t always sexy. You may be lacking sleep or have a stressful and frantic schedule ahead of you.

Putting on a beautiful robe as soon as you wake up is a great way to feel good about yourself and take the time to really be present in the morning. The energy you get from your beautiful cover up will jump start your day and encourage a positive, sexy outlook of yourself. 

2. Find your signature scent.

Finding a signature scent can be really powerful. We recommend popping by Essenza in the Fremont neighborhood where their experts will help you find a scent that feels like it was made especially for you.

Smell is an incredible sense and finding a perfume that brings out your sensual side will help remind you throughout your day that you are sexy!

3.Surrounded yourself with things you think are beautiful.

Add a few of your favorite things to your home and office. Put them in a place you look at frequently. Every glance will bring a spark of happiness to your brain when you see a picture of your favorite place, your loved ones, or your pets. Use whatever is special to you.

4. Keep moving.

You don’t need a gym membership or rock hard abs to feel sexy. Studies have shown that 15 minutes of exercise every day can have drastic effects on your health and how you feel about yourself.

You don’t have to make drastic changes to your schedule to accomplish this. Walk your city, pick up dancing, or join a sports club! Any of these things are wonderful ways to get moving.

 5. Wear beautiful lingerie every day.

Putting on lingerie can be a transformative experience. Taking the time to wear a beautiful lace bra that you picked out can make you feel super sexy. It’s a subtle boost of self-confidence when you dress yourself in luxurious things – you’re telling yourself, you’re worth it. Plus, you’ll get a jolt of happiness when you remember what you’re wearing.


Stop by our shop to get a fitting with one of our experts and share this post with friends or anyone you know that needs a reminder they deserve to be spoiled and feel sexy!


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