What are your bedroom interior design needs?

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What are your bedroom interior design needs?

Does everything about your boudoir life need a makeover? Bellefleur Lingerie is now offering Bedroom Design and Lingerie packages through local interior design firm, Lindsey Runyon Design. Get new inspiration for the boudoir environment, as well as what to wear between the sheets in these four different packages:

A. "I JUST NEED SOME ADVICE AND SOME ONE-ON-ONE GUIDANCE." I have my own vision and I want to be involved in every aspect of the project. I don’t need anyone for help with outside research but I want someone to help me shop, to bounce my ideas off of, and to help me along the way as I direct my own project. I don’t necessarily want to focus on entire rooms, but may just want to address some things here and there throughout my space. (Regular price: $85/hr. / 5 hr. min. total purchase / 2 hr. min. per visit)


B. "I NEED A VISION." I can execute it myself, but I need a good solid comprehensive direction. I need help clarifying what I want. I need a color scheme, a floor plan/furniture arrangement, general design idea of any built-ins or cabinetry, and a clear idea about style and overall look of my space(s). I may have existing pieces or aspects of my space I want to incorporate but don’t know what or how. Apart from that, I can source my own furniture and materials as long as I have a rough idea what they should all look like. I can do all the purchasing, coordination, installation, and accessories shopping myself. I don’t necessarily know if I will complete it all right away, I just need a jumpstart. (Regular price for phase 1 of the Design Process: $1600-$4400 per room, split into 2 payments)



  C. "I NEED A VISION, BUT I ALSO WANT SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO EXECUTE IT MYSELF." I need all of option B, but I also I want to have specific options sourced for me for each major item or piece of furniture needed in the space. I need an organized set of plans to give to a contractor, and specific paint colors chosen. But I can do all the purchasing and project management myself, and I am comfortable handling any issues that may arise. I can also do the accessories shopping, installation, and final set-up myself. I don’t need all the details to be managed, or for everything to turn out perfectly, as long as I am able to achieve the general idea on my own. (Regular price for phases 1 & 2 of the Design Process: $3400-$8500 per room, split into 3 payments)


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D. "I NEED A VISION, SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS, AS WELL AS SOMEONE TO MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN." I need all of options B & C, but I recognize that I don’t necessarily have time, desire, or ability to manage an entire project, coordinate with vendors, contractors and go around shopping for all the accessories and setting it all up. I want to be completely guided through every aspect of the project. I want my spaces to reflect my needs and my style, and I want to be involved with most decisions, but I am comfortable leaving any legwork, coordination, detailed design choices, and project management up to the professionals. When finished, I want my space(s) to have a completely finished, designer touch.(Regular Price for phases 1, 2, & 3 of the Design Process: $4000-$11,200 per room, split into 4 payments)