5 reasons you need a bodysuit now!

5 reasons you need a bodysuit now!

Bodysuits are AWESOME. From layering for warmth or wearing for show they are so versatile and sexy! Trying new trends can be intimating but we know if you would slip this garment on for size, you'll forever be converted. Bodysuits are hot! There are also so many styles to try- thongs back, full coverage, sheer and cozy. Some people think they may be too busty for bodysuits, but this isn't true. Some of our piece are made especially to match your cup size. Pop by anytime 11-7pm to try a few styles and one of our experts will walk you through our collection based on your preferences. If you have never worn a bodysuit or have always been curious to try this trend, here are our top 5 reasons to get yourself this hot ticket item for the season.

1. It’s all in one. These garments not only work as your underwear but the newest designs are super supportive, even without a wire!


2. They keep you warm. That’s right! It may seem silly but having that extra layer on your tummy and lower back can keep you warmer in these colder months


3. They are so versatile. With their smooth silhouette, bodysuits are the perfect packing item for a trip.  Whether it is pants, skirts or a dress, layering these lace bits under clothing can transform an outfit.


4. They add a fancy element to any outfit. Take any basic in your closet and add a lace bodysuit- instant fancy factor! You will be ready to transition from work to happy hour in no time.


5. You’ll feel incredible. Wearing this garment from your shoulders to your tush is something truly magically. That amazing energy will be with you all day and you’ll love taking the time to treat yourself to such a lovely garment.



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