A New Way To Think About Strapless

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A New Way  To Think About Strapless

Ditch the Straps

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Ahh the dreaded and much maligned STRAPLESS BRA. Mostly thought of as a type of bra you “have to have” but really, you never want to wear unless you have to. But at Bellefleur, we’d like to encourage you to think about strapless in a new way.


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Fit is Key
When you have the proper fit, a strapless bra won’t slide down, and you’ll get the support you need. We always emphasize having a snug band for bras, but for strapless, that is even more important. The band is all you have to provide the support. Then, make sure you’re still getting a cup that is large enough, and isn’t digging in on the sides or the top.





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New Thoughts About Strapless

Think of ditching the straps as…



A mode for freedom
Wearing strapless bras makes way to wear sheer and off-the shoulder tops in a new way. They allow you to wear bandeaus with ease, and show off your shoulders anytime. Eliminating bra straps as a factor when making your wardrobe choices can be very liberating!




A way to embrace fashion 
Strapless bras don’t have to be boring. At Bellefleur we carry a variety of gorgeous laces and colors to make your strapless part of your outfit. You may just decide to wear the strapless bra even when you don’t “have” to for an outfit.





Part of a sexy set just on its own in the bedroom 
Let it be an outfit. So many of our strapless options can be paired with their matching panty. Add a stay-up thigh-high stocking, or even a garter belt, and you have a super sexy boudoir outfit. It doesn’t have to be a functional workhorse to wear all day, but a new unique way to express your sensuality.




Practical Matters
Yes, we do know that sometimes though, you’re looking for just a functional solution. We have that as well. We do try to make our functional strapless bras as attractive as possible, and of course, providing the fit and support you need to hold up all day.




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