An Ode to our Favorite Thigh-High

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An Ode to our Favorite Thigh-High

Peacock Feather Stay-Ups

Meet the Lunelle 8 Magical peacock-feather top stay-ups. Let your imagination run wild. The luxuriously decorated top band will make you feel exotic all day long.



These stockings will pair well with any black bra & panty set, or any black bodysuit. They will also go with dark teal & gold outfits.





The main material is a super fine mesh, covering your legs with a thin veil of black.



Tips for buying stockings: 

Size is based on your height: if you’re 5’6 or under, choose size SMALL/MEDIUM. If you’re 5’6 or taller choose size MEDIUM LARGE. If you feel like you’re on the border, you can decide which size would be better based on what you usually wear in panties.
Put them on with ease: Make sure to put on with moisturized hands, free of rings or jewelry. Pull on with slightly more tension at first as you go over on the toe area, and gradually reduce the tension as you go up your leg. You don’t want to have to pull hard on the top band once you get them up.
Keep them up all day: These stockings will stay up all day. But the key to keeping them that way is to make sure to wash them after EVERY wear. This rejuvenates the silicone band at the top and allows them to continue to stay up strong. Either wash by hand in cold water, or use a mesh bag on delicates cycle in the machine. Do not put them in the dryer.
You don't have to have a special occasion or event to don gorgeous legwear, although these work great for that as well. You are the reason enough and you are worth celebrating.