Bedroom ambiance tips from interior designer Lindsey Runyon!

Bedroom ambiance tips from interior designer Lindsey Runyon!

You can do everything in your power to make sure you look and feel good in what you’re wearing, but what about WHERE you are wearing it?

Tidying up your room and taking the time to add a little romance to your décor can majorly make or break the mood.
Bellefleur Lingerie owner Lindsey Runyon is here to give you the rundown on what it takes to turn your boudoir into the ultimate romantic setting.

Follow these four simple tips to make a few minor adjustments and your room is ready for love:

1. Clear Clutter & Clean – This is the most important part of any interior ambiance. Nobody likes to lounge and play amidst stacks of old bills, dirty laundry, and dust bunnies. Get rid of stuff, organize, donate, and otherwise clean up your space.Take everything off of surfaces so you can be focused on your emotions and your significant other!

2. Nice Linens – Getting between the sheets should look and feel amazing! Invest in some quality sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases that you love. We love the organic cotton options from West Elm, as well as the boho-chic printed styles at Saffron Marigold. Wash before using for maximum softness!

3. Lighting – Banish bright overhead lights! (at least for a night!) or install dimmers on them. You’ll feel so much more romantic with soft low lighting from a variety of sources, not just one light. Imagine a room with a dimmed gorgeous chandelier overhead, soft table lamps with shades, and flickering candlelight throughout the room (Mmmmmmm…). And bulbs are important too- replace harsh cold light from CFL bulbs with LEDs that have the warmest possible color temperature (avoid the cool “daylight” bulbs that make you look scary at night).

4. Scents – Engage all 5 senses. Essential oil diffusers, room spray, linen spray, candles, whatever suits your fancy and smells good to you! Essenza, a shop across the street from Bellefleur carries a variety of amazing scents, and you can also find many organic options at Pharmaca on top of Queen Anne hill. Looks matter here too! Find the styles and containers that look good and become part of your decor.


Find your personal balance between cleanliness, quality sheets, lighting, and scents for a resort-worthy bedroom! Stop by the shop for candles, freshener spray, and other recommendations to transform your room!

xx Bellefleur