Bellefleur essay contest finalist “MN”

Bellefleur essay contest finalist “MN”

We are overwhelmed with emotion with all of our entries to this month’s essay contest. We laughed, we cried and had an incredibly tough time picking a winner! We want to thank all of you that took the time to write for us!

This morning we will be sharing another of our 5 finalist stories from our Bellefleur Lingerie essay contest. We see a lot of women like “MN” that don’t take the time to spoil themselves, care for themselves or, even believe they are worthy of feeling beautiful. Her beautiful story is such a good reminder to treat ourselves with the love and compassion we deserve. Thank you “MN” for sharing your story with us.

How Bellefleur Changed My Life

By “MN”


I’ve only been inside Bellefleur once. I couldn’t tell you the names of all the ladies who work there, not even the wonderful employee who fitted me on that single solitary visit back in May.

I can tell you that I’ve known about the store for a long time though. I’ve been following the Bellefleur blog and gushing over those gorgeous photographs for over 3 years. I’ve read review after stellar review on Yelp, fantasizing about the day I’d go in and treat myself to a stunning set of lingerie, and walk out a new woman. But until a few months ago, I never did.

I’d just imagine.

I’d imagine what it would be like to own something thatbeautiful. Lingerie became a symbol of a whole different me. A me that was strong and confidant, funny and smart, sexy and beautiful. In short; a me that was perfect.

But here’s the kicker; I’m not perfect, not even close. And because I wasn’t perfect, I didn’t deserve to treat myself well or feel good about myself.

Logical. Right?

Obviously that’s stupid, but I really believed it. I really believed deep down that I shouldn’t indulge in beautiful sexy lingerie until my body was perfect. Until I had a perfect boyfriend, a perfect job, until everything in my life was absa-frickin perfect!

When I finally decided to take the plunge and actually go to Bellefleur, I was celebrating. I had just wrapped filming on my first ever paid acting gig, and decided to spend a chunk of that paycheck on something I’d wanted for a long time. I was nervous walking into the boutique. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt like an imposter, some non-perfect being trying to fake it.

But what I found was so far from what I’d imagined. I saw women who were like me; normal human beings. I was greeted warmly by a woman who reminded me of my closest friends in all the best ways. But I was still self-conscious taking my shirt off before trying on the very first bra. Once again I felt like an imposter.

Something wonderful happened though when I slipped that perfectly fitted seashell colored Chantelle bra over my shoulders. Suddenly, my apprehension disappeared. I felt sexy, beautiful, and powerful. I felt great. I left the shop feeling on top of the world, and that’s how I feel every time I wear that set.

In that moment I realized that I rarely even showed myself the same level of compassion that I’d show to a stranger on the sidewalk.

I deserve more than that. I am worth so much more than that.

I am powerful. I am intelligent. I am sexy. I am confidant. I am beautiful.

I don’t need lingerie to be these things. None of us do. But it sure as hell goes a long way! So thank you Bellefleur, for helping me realize that the best version of me is who I am right now.


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