Here is to fresh starts and getting in right!

Here is to fresh starts and getting in right!

Make 2017 the year you celebrate yourself every single day. Choose to embrace and love yourself every day by taking time to do things that bring you joy. Give life, love and flight to your dreams and greatest fantasies. Don't put off another year at making yourself, your happiness and your life a priority. Taking the time to take care of you will make you be able to take care of others better. This New Year stands before you as a new a chapter, waiting for you to write the first page. Beautiful lingerie that you LOVE to put on our body every morning is the perfect place to start your story.

Our 5 favorite ways  to kick off the New Year!


1. Out with the old, in with the new. Clearing out your closet and donating or trading clothing that does not make you happy to a great way to revive your personal style.


2. Make a plan and write in down. Often we hope to keep are resolutions, but forget what they even were in the first place after a couple weeks. Writing them down and putting them where we can see them will be a daily reminder of your goals.


3. Get the gear. Whether it is new hiking shoes, yoga pants, a new lap top or art supplies- getting the things you need to follow through with your goals in key. Invest in yourself by getting the things you need to do the things you love.


4. Speak up. Studies have shown that declaring your goals and fantasies allowed, whether it is to yourself or to a confident, can help them manifest into reality.


5. Underdress to impress-yourself!  Life is too short to not LOVE your underwear! Make an intention to wear stockings, matching sets and sexy pajamas. Taking the time to wear lingerie you love will shine through your energy and mindset. See the magic of wear a beautiful top drawer takes you in this New Year!



Cheers to 2017!