Lazy Days: Our tips for a better YOU

Lazy Days: Our tips for a better YOU

With the hustle of Spring and making sure we soak up every bit of sunshine we sometimes forget how important it is to rest and take care of ourselves. Tiny little changes in your day can make a huge difference in your self care routine. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add some relaxation to the day:

Our Top Five Lazy Day Tips

1.  Test out the waters.  There are so many different bath products out there.   Aromatherapy and bath-bombs are so relaxing and fun.  Go to your local herbal apothecary (we LOVE Dandelion in Ballard) and buy a few or make a few different ones at home with an online recipe.  It will not only be good for your health and mood but fun to try all the different scents.

2. Movie marathon.  Binge watch your favorite show on Netflix or do a rom-com themed movie marathon. Beat the heat and relax in peace solo or with someone you enjoy snuggling with- don’t forget your Bellefleur lounge wear to make it extra sweet.

3. Listen up. Listening to music can change your mood, boost your energy and make you feel amazing. Take the time to play your favorite tunes and dance. We highly recommend dancing in your underwear.

4. Get Handsy. Schedule a massage. There is medical evidence that being touched is better for your health.  Taking the time unwind and release your stress will allow you to have more room to do the things you love.

5. Lingerie and Lounge. It sounds simple but putting on something that makes you feel beautiful will immediately relax you.  Start every morning and end every day in something that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous. 


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