Lazy Days: Our tips for a better YOU

Lazy Days: Our tips for a better YOU

You hustle – hard. It’s all too easy to forget how important it is to rest and take care of ourselves. We want to soak up all life has to offer!

We all need a reminder to relax and focus on taking care of ourselves. Stress hinders your ability to think creatively, be efficient at work, and maintain a positive outlook on your day.


To center ourselves and curb the stress, here are a few of our favorite ways to add relaxation back into our day:


1. Test out the waters.  

Bath bombs are super relaxing and fun! They can boost your immune system, help you detox, and warm-up a sore body. There are thousands of different bath bombs out there and, sadly, they’re NOT created equal.
Read up on the benefits of bath bombs to learn about what ingredients are safe for your skin OR, go to your local herbal apothecary (we LOVE Dandelion in Ballard)! They’ll guide you to the right selection of natural ingredients safe for your body. Plus, you can pick out your new bath bomb by scent!

Once you’ve picked up some bath bombs, pop them into your bath and soak your stress away.

2. Listen up. 

Listening to musiccan change your mood and boost your energy. Take time to create a feel-good playlist for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up. We highly recommend dancing in your underwear.

3. Get Handsy. 

Schedule a massage. There’s medical evidence that suggests massage can combat insomnia from stress, headaches, and anxiety. Massage therapy is also a perfect way to pamper yourself and your significant other. Date night? Yes, please.

4. Lingerie and Lounge.

It sounds simple but putting on something that makes you feel beautiful can immediately boost your mood and calm your mind. Stepping into something that makes you smile is an easy thing to incorporate into your daily routine. Start every morning and, end every day, in something that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous. We’ve got more than a few things that can help you achieve that.


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