New Year, New Undies

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New Year, New Undies

What are you looking for in 2020?



The color of underwear you are wearing when the ball drops is an important choice. Legend has it, the color of your undies on New Year’s Eve sets the tone and influences your luck in the coming year.

Each color has a different meaning, so pick a color that suits your style and what you are looking for in the new year. Peace, love or prosperity? Set your best intentions for the new year with Bellefleur Lingerie!





Looking for passion and love? Red brings you personal power and dynamic energy!




Represents Peace, purification and tranquility




Prosperity, wealth and success. It brings the feeling of joy and vivacity




Romance and Love. Looking to be successful, or thriving in the year, especially in love, pink is a great choice.




Nature & Well-being




Clarity, Calmness, and health. Removes blockages and stimulates clear thoughts




This color will expand your intuition. Represents spirituality and meditation




Creativity, spontaneity and positive attitude. Brings feelings of liveliness, motivation and happiness