The lingerie mistake you need to stop making right now!

The lingerie mistake you need to stop making right now!

When shopping for “basic bras” women often have a preconceived idea of what a general basic bra and panty set is. These garments are generally thought to be skin colored, plain and invisible under clothing. We believe basic should be defined by you! Here at the shop, we try to show women that a “basic bra” should be based on their personal style and comfort level. One woman’s everyday t-shirt bra can be another individuals special occasion bra and that is okay. Here are 3 helpful tips to help you on your journey to find your ideal undergarments.


1.  Bring a little baggage to your fitting.


The best way to establish what you want your everyday garments to look like is to bring a few of your favorite outfits to your lingerie fitting. These outfits should reflect your closet at home and how you love to dress. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised how chocolate browns, dusty pinks and grays can lay invisible under the lightest of clothing- even better than some skin colored t-shirt bras!  Bringing these items with you will help you leave the shop with confidence that you have created your ideal silhouette to match your preference and style.


2. Gather inspiration.


Creating your ideal top drawer requires some thought about what you want.  If you see a piece of lingerie or even a beautiful outfit that you are curious about what is underneath and that you would like to recreate, bring it to your fitting!  Bellefleur Lingerie has stylists here that will help make your lingerie dreams come true. Gathering pictures on Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogs and Instagram is a great way for us to have a clear idea of your vision and help to make it a reality.



3. Trust your heart.


You are reading this post probably because you are curious or want your lingerie to feel and look differently than it currently does.  This is great!  Taking the time to consider that you want to feel good under your clothing and deciding what YOU want is a beautiful thing.  Your Bellefleur Lingerie fitter and stylist is here to help guide you and bring out what you really want.  Enjoy the experience and allow yourself to make this all about you!  Don’t worry about rules and enjoy picking out pieces you really connect with and that will bring you joy every day that you wear them.


Stop by our shop anytime from 11-7pm Monday-Friday to get a fitting with one of our experts and let us assist you in finding the lingerie drawer you have always dreamed of!  


xx Bellefleur Lingerie

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