The Magical Jinn Grants You 3 Wishes...

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The Magical Jinn Grants You 3 Wishes...

The Tales of 1000 & 1 Nights

Explore the Turkish Symbolism on this Set



Art and Storytelling in Lingerie - Part 4

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1000 & 1 Nights

Indulge in the temptation of the 1000 & 1 Nights collection, a Turkish-inspired capsule that is filled with symbols eluding to its Eastern origin story. 
Based upon the history of the harem of the Ottoman sultan in Istanbul, the tales of 1000 & 1 Nights is a never-ending treasure trove of plot twists and intrigue. These stories are quite mature, as the characters often indulged in sensual pleasures, cheated on each other frequently, drank wine endlessly, and lived entirely for their own pleasures.


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Upon first glance, you may not notice the hidden symbolism on each of the hand-embroidered elements of this design. Look a bit more closely!



On the bralette, we see clear symbols of an embroidered heart, a sleeping moon, lavish peacock feathers, and a magic lamp. Upon further notice, you’ll see a sultan’s slipper, a beckoning hand to tempt you in further, a bright green eye looking through a keyhole, as well as decadent and ornate beading on the design. Put them all together, and these symbols allude to the tales of wonder and debauchery from the 1000 & 1 Nights saga.



This set is crafted from European materials with embroidery made from Japanese beads and German threads. The patterns have undergone several stages of refinement, just like the embroidery itself. 


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