The Surprisingly Popular Ultra-Racy Panty Style

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The Surprisingly Popular Ultra-Racy Panty Style

Ouvert Styles

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Ouvert is the French word for “Open”, which, in lingerie, refers to an open-booty panty or bodysuit, and sometimes an open-cup bra. This panty style is for everyone! Even if you don’t typically like super-racy undergarments, the shape still allows for comfort, and lets you be TOTALLY risqué, without wearing a thong.


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Ouvert styles can be crotchless (i.e. have an open gusset), but not always. We offer a variety of types of ouvert styles to explore your lingerie desires.




This style can come in different fabrics, such as lace or mesh. But our ouvert styles are always going to be sheer and sexy by design.


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Ouvert panties and bodysuits are fun to wear under a skirt or dress as a sexy little secret for your next date. Or simply, wear them on their own in the bedroom.






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