We Are Made of Stardust

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We Are Made of Stardust

The Big Bang Set

Make a fashion statement, while understanding your place in the cosmos



Art and Storytelling in Lingerie - Part 3

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The Big Bang
How did the universe begin? Many believe that zooming comets, blazing meteors, exploding stars, and spinning galaxies all remain in outer space from a singular event known as The Big Bang. This phenomenon took place 13.8 billion years ago. And yet with all that chaos, by some mind-blowing miracle, we made it here with the ability to wear and love beautiful lingerie.




The Meteor Soft Bra and the Big Bang Thong are the perfect fit for weathering any galactic storm. Minimalistic in design, this set fits perfectly under an airy dress or under a tight T-shirt. Made without beading, these pieces are dainty and comfortable to wear every day! The bralette features sparkling and light embroidery on the front, using bright and bold colors in the embroidered sequence.




Get your cosmic vibes on with these sparkly, embroidered pieces and show off your stellar style by wearing underneath your everyday outfits. Get ready to take the universe by storm in this set!



Fan of sustainable fashion? These pieces were madeu sing the highest quality OEKO-TEX certified materials. The gusset of the panty is made of soft, comfortable cotton, so you won't even feel like you're wearing lingerie. These pieces are not only beautiful, but also practical and comfortable.




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