What Is This Holiday Season Called?

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What Is This Holiday Season Called?

Fun Gifts For Your Girlfriends

Celebrate Galentine's Day At Bellefleur



Galentine’s Day is an informal holiday celebrated along with Valentine’s Day, which gives us a dedicated day to appreciate the women in our lives. We’re talking about all the women in your life—mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, mentors, or friends. These are all women to celebrate with by spending time together & giving gifts. <3



Technically, Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day, on February 13th, but we think of it as more of a Galentine’s Day season and we’re good with celebrating it for the entire first half of February!



The best way to celebrate Galentine's Day season with your gal pals this year?

Come to Bellefleur Lingerie!

Have fun choosing the perfect gifts for each other or come in to get a complimentary bra fitting from our experts. Enjoy the Fremont neighborhood and make us your Galentine's Day destination before brunch, drinks, or a night out with your fabulous females.



Not sure what to get your friends for Galentine's Day? We have put together the perfect Valentine's Day gift guide for the whole squad. These picks aren't too sexy, but rather comfy, flirty, and cute to give to your friends.






Treat your friends (or yourself) to a new bralette set, comfy robe, or set of pajamas this Galentine's Day. And don't ever forget to express love and appreciation for the women in your life all year long.

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