Who Knew Symbols Of Death Could Be So Sexy?

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Who Knew Symbols Of Death Could Be So Sexy?

The Tale of Santa Muerte

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Santa Muerte

Who is Santa Muerte? According to Mexican folklore, Nuestra Senora de la Santa Muerte (Spanish for Our Lady of Holy Death) is a female deity and folk-Catholic saint in Mexican folk Catholicism and Neopaganism. Since the Middle Ages, she's been known as a personification of death, and is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. To this day, her cult following has become increasingly prominent in the 21st century.




It is believed that a long time ago, since time immemorial, humans were immortal, but unhappy, because life for them, over time, became tedious and meaningless since they never died. So, they prayed to their god, and he helped them get rid of the heavy burden of eternal life.




Legends say that God chose the most beautiful girl from all the people in the world and told her: "From now on, you will be Death, drawing a line to end the lives of people and saving them from the torment of immortality." In this way, Death entered the world. Since then, people began to appreciate life, since it would end one day, adorning themselves with gold, jewelry, and flowers, because they knew that now they had only a moment - a moment that needed to be lived as brightly as possible.




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