Greek Mythology On Lingerie

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Greek Mythology On Lingerie

Wearable Art That Tells a Story

Art and Storytelling Meets Lingerie


Part 1
Our collection of embroidered and hand-beaded bralettes and panties represent creative inspiration at its finest. Each garment tells a story, while the design and crafting of the pieces allows you to wear actual art. These unique and truly special creations are perfect for a boudoir photoshoot, or anytime you want your lingerie to be seen.






The Cygnus set is a celestial piece of lingerie inspired by the Greek myths of Zeus and Leda, and the beauty of the 12 zodiac constellations. The bralette, cami top, thong, and leg strap knickers are all embroidered with natural pearls and feature delicate beaded clouds symbolizing cosmic nebulae and a silver path resembling the Milky Way.






Made from soft, deep blue linen netting, all details and beads in this set are sewn and embroidered by hand. Talk about a work of art!




The Cygnus set is the perfect conversation starter, and a stunning addition to any lingerie collection.




xx Bellefleur