Body-Skimming Everyday Innerwear

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Body-Skimming Everyday Innerwear

Second Skin

Your Closet Will Thank You

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Made from a super silky and stretchy nylon Lycra material produced on the East Coast, the Second Skin collection is virtually invisible under clothing and truly feels as soft and natural as a “second skin”. Lightweight and easily packable, these will become your new favorite additions to your wardrobe. This collection has been a lingerie favorite since 1978and has been worn by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Charlize Theron, and Jennifer Aniston to name a few.


See what the hype is all about:


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Not only are these versatile pieces great for layering, but they can also be worn as outfits themselves.



Pair the Second Skin Chemise or Gown with a light sweater or jacket for an everyday look.



Wear the Low Back Bodysuit or Cropped Cami with high-waisted pants or skirt for a casual chic outfit.


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The Mini Bike Shorts are the perfect solution to wear under skirts and dresses on those days when you want to smooth things out and prevent chafing, or simply wear them with a cami or t-shirt for a sporty loungewear look.




The sky is the limit with how you wear and layer these pieces!
Mix and match your favorites by shopping the Second Skin collection in store and online.



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