Lace Inspired by Ceramic Tile

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Lace Inspired by Ceramic Tile

The Lisbon Lace

Summer lace that will transport you to a romantic place


You might be wondering; how on earth can lingerie be inspired by ceramic tiles? Well, if you’re familiar with Portugal’s beautiful Azulejo Tiles, you might be able to draw some comparisons to this lingerie collection.





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When Portugal comes to mind, people often think of port wine, Lisbon, seafood, surfing, and … azulejos! These are glazed, ceramic tiles that are deeply embedding in Portugal’s history and culture, dating as far back as the 13th century. The word azulejo comes from Arabic roots, meaning ‘small polished stone’, usually cut into geometric shapes in neutral tones. They are often used on building exteriors, bringing a gorgeous texture to the streetscape.



Featuring intricate & delicate lightweight lace, our Lisbon Lace collection showcases lingerie that can be worn as pajamas, or dare to wear these sheer pieces as outerwear during the hot summer months.



Each garment in this collection is made of deadstock fabric in the USA, in an effort to reduce waste & its carbon footprint.





Eco-friendly in design, but romantic in nature is the essence of the Lisbon Lace collection.



Available in White & Black on our website or in store.


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