POV: It's Your Wedding Night

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POV: It's Your Wedding Night

Wedding Night Lingerie

Lingerie that will make your significant other’s mouth drop


So, you’ve got the wedding date set, now what? Get yourself ready for your wedding night, honeymoon, and beyond with sexy lingerie outfits from our bridal collection.




The best way to shop for bridal lingerie is to think about what vibe you’re going for. This type of lingerie is usually ivory, white, or pastel, but anything can be “bridal lingerie” if you want it to be, regardless of the color. Typically, we can categorize bridal lingerie into 3 vibes.



1. Sexy Bridal Lingerie
Sexy bridal lingerie usually includes something strappy, like a garter belt, or an ouvert-style panty or bodysuit. These types of bridal lingerie pieces look fabulous with a pair of stockings to complete the look. These pieces are for you if you’re the risqué bride who dares to wear adventurous sexy and strappy pieces.




2. Classic Bridal Lingerie
Classic bridal lingerie typically involves French lace sets or chemises in white or pastel colors. We have so many classic options to choose from! These pieces are best if you are a bride who prefers elegance over sexiness in her lingerie.




3. Luxe Bridal Lingerie
Luxury bridal lingerie includes our luxe lingerie pieces, such as hand-embroidered sets, silk chemises and robes, embroidered bra, panty, & garter belt sets, or elegant bodysuits. If you are a bride who wants nothing but the best when it comes to her lingerie, these luxurious pieces are for you.




No matter which vibe you choose for your wedding and honeymoon lingerie, our Bridal Lingerie collection will be sure to give you some great ideas.




We also tend to have more in-store than online, so stop by our Fremont boutique and our lingerie experts can help you pick out your wedding lingerie!


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